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Armed Rhymery is a South Louisiana based Hip-Hop duo consisting of Lafayette native Kween Mo and New Orleans native, Edward X. The two artists, known for their versatility, lyricism and captivating stage presence met in early 2010 and formed Armed Rhymery in 2011 after seeing that their creative chemistry was hard to ignore. Once X relocated to Lafayette, the duo began to build momentum packing out some of their first shows locally and going on to play a huge role in furthering Lafayette Louisiana's hip-hop scene through curating events that would give opportunities to hundreds of artists over the years. From a young age these artists have had an undying passion for music taking inspiration from the likes of Jay-Z, Outkast and Lauryn Hill and creating a similar essence and feel with their own modern and unique sound.

Armed Rhymery's beliefs are rooted in individuality and authenticity. They hold themselves to a higher standard of artistry and take pride in being part of their entire creative process from visuals and graphic design to producing their own beats. The duo has released several bodies of work along with a variety of singles. Most recently, their EP "Zen Garden" which features soulful melodies, live instrumentation and raw relatable lyrics.



42k Total Followers



Viral Narrative Rap
20 Million Views Across Platforms

Armed Rhymery recently created a viral social media moment with the start of their Narrative Rap series which takes relatable situations and turns them into back and forth rap conversations. The first video/song of the series shows the every day struggle of picking out something to eat and acquired over 7 million views and 245,000 shares across Instagram, Facebook & TikTok Platforms catching viewers off guard with the refreshing nostalgic feel and hope that classic Hip-Hop still exists. The video was even shared by Worldstar Hip-Hop, Revolt, Snoop Dogg & Mike Epps. The series has continued to gain popularity with different acted out scenarios combined with rapping and humor and has since gained over 20 million views total across platforms.

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Soundcloud x Pharrell Williams Placement

In late 2020, Armed Rhymery was hand selected by Soundcloud, Pharrell Williams and his label iamOTHER for a compilation album that would highlight black voices in a time of great adversity. The album was released as an official Soundcloud compilation and featured Armed Rhymery's "Melanin Drip" which is a powerful song about black pride and finding moments of triumph even amidst times of great loss and the present fight for true equality. The compilation was covered by several popular publications such as Hip-Hop DX and The Source.

Live Shows

Kween Mo & Edward X are known for their live performances and undeniable stage chemistry. Between impeccable live delivery of every lyric and always finding create ways to keep the crowd engaged and involved, leaving everyone feeling inspired and captivated. Together the duo has hosted and performed at hundreds of live shows in Lafayette, LA where they are based and have also branched out to other cities across the country such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Mobile. They have performed at a total of 3 music festivals including Lafayette, LA's annual Mardi Gras festival as well as nationally renowned "Festival International De Louisiane" which is also hosted annually in Lafayette, LA.

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