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Edward X


Kween Mo

Armed Rhymery is a South Louisiana based Hip-Hop duo consisting of Lafayette native Kween Mo and New Orleans native, Edward X. The two artists, known for their versatility, lyricism and captivating stage presence met in early 2010 and formed Armed Rhymery in 2011 after seeing that their creative chemistry was hard to ignore. Once X relocated to Lafayette, the duo began to build momentum packing out some of their first shows locally and going on to play a huge role in furthering Lafayette Louisiana's hip-hop scene through curating events that would give opportunities to hundreds of artists over the years. From a young age these artists have had an undying passion for music taking inspiration from the likes of Jay-Z, Outkast and Lauryn Hill and creating a similar essence and feel with their own modern and unique sound. Their styles complement each other to perfection and their one of a kind style is displayed in every song.

Armed Rhymery's beliefs are rooted in individuality and authenticity. They hold themselves to a higher standard of artistry and take pride in being part of their entire creative process from visuals and graphic design to producing their own beats. The duo has released several projects and singles, including various placements such as Pharrell and Soundcloud's iAMOther album. They recently released their latest body of work "Zen Garden" which is produced entirely in-house and takes listeners on a melodic journey that touches on introspection, personal growth and gaining understanding while going through the motions of life. The duo also recently went viral for a catchy and nostalgic narrative rap video series that has acquired over 6 million views across TikTok & Instagram platforms.

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